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Shed Those Pounds By Losing Sugar

Losing weight is not an easy job, as one may think. But I have the perfectly easy solution for you – NO SUGAR.

Yes, believe it or not, eliminating sugar can actually help you to lose weight. Did you know that a teaspoon of sugar comes with 16 calories? I know it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal for you, but hold on a sec…and think of how many sugary foods you are consuming everyday that might shoot up the calories. For instance, soda, bagels, muffins or other sweetened items have a major role to play in boosting your weight.

How can sugar affect weight gain?

Here’s how. Sugar increases the calories in the food apart from the natural calorie available in the food itself. American Heart Association (AHA) says that a can of soda comes with 133 calories by added sugar or a doughnut comes with 74.2 calories with the addition of sugar.

If you are consuming calorie foods more than what your body can burn, then it will, without a doubt, lead to weight gain. If you are prone to consuming good amount of sugary foods several times a day, then I am sure you must be overweight.


Weight loss formula:

As per AHA, women can have 6 teaspoons per day max, 9 for men and very less for kids. But I personally feel lesser the sugar, the better for your health.

As per “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”, there is a unique formula that comes with weight loss. For instance, 1tsp of sugar comes with 16 calories, so if you cut out foods that equal 10 tsp of sugar (such as one can of soda), you will be eliminating 160 calories from your daily life. Try this for a week and you will be losing 1,120 calories. So if you cut off 10 tsp of sugar a day, you will be losing a pound within three weeks.

What does this mean? Completely eliminate sugar and you will lose more than a pound and that’s one of the best methods to lose weight quickly.

Common foods that contain sugar – Cut them…NOW…!!!:

The following foods come with high amount of sugar and it is best recommended to stay out of them.

  • Cakes, Bagels
  • Cookies, brownies
  • Muffins/Desserts
  • Fruit flavoured drinks
  • Soda
  • Chocolates/Candies

I am not saying to completely chuck off these foods, but atleast limit the intake. You can treat yourself once in a while but gobbling them everyday is certainly not the best way to lose weight.

Rules to follow – Don’t skip:

Fruit juices come with less fruit content and more of sugar. Eliminate them completely.

  • Start reading labels – Before you buy a product, read the contents in the label. Remember 4 grams of sugar equals one teaspoon. So if you drink a can of soda that adds up to 40 grams (10 teaspoons of sugar) or if you drink a glass of orange juice, you are consuming 16 grams of sugar.
  • No alcohol – Though alcohol does not come with any calories, it does deliver good work for your liver which has the main responsibility of eliminating toxins. For this, the liver requires more energy which will make you crave for more foods.
  • Breakfast – Is necessary and vital. It boosts your metabolic system and is one of the essential factors for healthy weight loss. Study shows breakfast skippers had a higher chance of obesity risk than those who consumed breakfast regularly.
  • Beware of the sauces – Many sauces readily available come with weight gain ingredients, so make sure you negate them completely.
  • Veggies & whole grains – vegetables & whole grains can promote weight loss in the accurate proportion without any side effects. So make sure you include healthy amount of right foods.

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