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HCG Triumph Approved Foods

HCG Triumph

The HCG Triumph drops reviews say that the product is a very quick acting one. This will help the users stay motivated throughout the diet.

HCG Triumph diet is unique that asks for a low calorie diet but still no one feels hungry or have to starve. The required energy to fill comes from the stored fat that in unwanted and the hormone HCG makes this task possible. The HCG hormone is produced during pregnancy and this is found to have the ability to make use of those stored fat in the thighs and waist line. This HCG triumph diet plan demands to take only 500 calories of food per day. This means only selected food items can be consumed during this course and that too in limited amount. The HCG Triumph diet demands to take no fat, sugar or starch and the diet must be rich in protein, fruits, vegetables and other selected food items.

A sample meal for a day of the diet plan includes, tea with stevia for breakfast, 100 gms of chicken breast with steamed asparagus, seasoned with lemon juice and salt, a slice of Melba toast and a single apple for dessert. This makes a complete nutritious diet but in a limited amount. The other allowed food items are:

Fruits: Strawberries, grapefruit, orange, apple and tomatoes.

Vegetables: Lettuce, cabbage, asparagus, spinach, beet greens, peeled cucumber, chicory, chard, green onions, radish, celery, fennel, mushrooms, bell peppers, green beans, Brussels sprouts and dill pickles.

Protien: Lean ground beef, veal steak, roast, filet mignon, white pork, chicken breast that is skinless and removed from the bones, white turkey, venison, rabbit, orange roughy, sole, catfish, salmon, blue fish, tilapia, halibut, ocean perch, fresh white fish, lobster without the shell, carb that is broiled without shell, clams, buffalo steak, shrimp and albacore tuna are some of the approved food having protein during the HCG Triumph diet.

None of the approved food items must be fried or must not be seasoned with fat or oil while following the HCG Triumph diet plan.. Natural herbs like lemon, garlic, etc can be used to season the food. The food items are to be either boiled or steamed or raw. Try to include fruits, veggies, and protein into a single meal. Stay away from milk and dairy products. But skimmed milk may be used in a small quantity. The drinks must not be sweetened. Drink as much water as possible.

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