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HCG Injections for TTC Only

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HCG injection which is basically human chorionic gonadodropin, a hormone is now mainly used for fertility treatment, fat loss and as a tumor marker. The presence of HCG can be detected in urine and through blood test.

HCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced in pregnant women which helps them to store fat for getting energy during the pregnancy stage. Dr. Simeons found out that this hormone can be used for reducing weight. He also found out that this hormone can be produced in the non-pregnant women and even in men.

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HCG injections are given under the skin or to a muscle. The reason is because when injected HCG can pass easily through the blood stream which is a step ahead than HCG drops.

TTC Kit is the Trying to Conceive Kit. This supplement is designed in such a way that the chances of you getting pregnant or conceiving are increased.

You all have commonly heard of the HCG injections (HCG shots online) or HCG drops being taken for weight loss programs. HCG is actually a pregnancy hormone found that are made use to make this weight loss solution. The HCG hormone can also be used for treating infertility too. It is with the help of the HCG hormone that the pregnancy tests reveal whether you are pregnant or not.

How the HCG Injections for TTC Only works: When the HCG Injections for TTC Only are taken, the mature egg follicle will release the egg to mature and within 36 hours of taking the HCG Injections for TTC Only, the ovulation starts taking place. So in this way the HCG Injections for TTC only is useful for conceiving. The HCG Injections for TTC only is also used alongside other fertility treatments as it will help the doctor to determine when the egg will be released and so on.

Some facts on the HCG Injections for TTC Only:

  • The time period taken by a woman for getting conceived varies with this kit. This is because the reproductive cycles vary in each individual. There are high chances that you get conceived in the first month itself.
  • The HCG Injections for TTC only is made from all natural ingredients and is drug free. This product is safe to use and it enhances the natural fertility of the body by its own. This product has no side effects and is safe to use. This product is so safe that, women can take in during the periods of breastfeeding too.
  • It is advisable to take a doctor consultation or health professionals helps before you start the medication. Not only have you had to consult the doctor, it is best to be in the doctors monitoring till the time the whole process gets over. Even if you are following some other medications, you have to consult a doctor to know whether it is right to take it with the other medications too.
  • The menstrual cycle does not pose a hindrance. You can take your HCG Injections for TTC Only at anytime during or before or after the menstrual cycle.
  • PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common issue found in women who cannot conceive. Taking the HCG Injections for TTC Only will help in eliminating this problem too.
  • The HCG Injections for TTC Only also helps in stimulating the normal flow of your menstrual cycle by regulating the hormones for it.
  • Once you know that you have conceived and you are pregnant, you can discontinue taking the HCG Injections for TTC Only. Instead it is recommended to take some prenatal vitamins which helps in boosting your energy and providing you health and support during the stages of pregnancy.
  • Apart from assisting women to conceive, the HCG Injections for TTC Only also aids in the procedure of getting pregnant. The HCG Injections for TTC Only helps to time your sexual intercourse, egg retrieval and artificial insemination better than in the cases where the HCG Injections for TTC Only is not used.
  • Once you take the HCG Injections for TTC Only, you have to wait for sometime before you take the pregnancy test. It is best to wait for at least two weeks after taking the injection because if taken before there are chances of getting false results. You should also not take the pregnancy test before taking the HCG Injections for TTC Only. That is something out of sense to do.

Thus using the HCG Injections for TTC Only is definitely better than going through a number of various traditional fertility treatments. The chances of you conceiving that too in the first month itself is high here.

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