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Epibright Skin Whitener Reviews

Epibright Skin Brightening Cream

Epibright Skin Brightening Cream is a wonderful product that gently yet effectively bleaches the skin and promotes a long term radiant facial tone.

Often the skin in some areas on the face appears lighter or darker than normal. And these discolorations can affect any person regardless of geographical location. The blotchy and uneven areas on the skin plus patches of brown may make you feel unconfident. Today, the market is flooded with products for skin tone consistency or Skin whitening creams. But all products do not work and gives you the desired results. Moreover, these products are loaded with harmful chemicals which may worsen your skin condition. Let me introduce you to Epibright Skin Whitener from Sisquoc Healthcare. It is a Safe and powerful skin bleaching product containing natural and effective ingredients. Read on to know more about the Epibright Skin Whitener Reviews, ingredients and more.

About Epibright Skin Whitener – Brightening & Soothing

Epibright contains the combination of proven lightening ingredients and herbal extracts which are extremely effective yet is a gentle skin brightening cream. This powerful cream has advanced lightening effects while promoting long-term radiance and balanced facial tones.

This wonderful skin lightening cream has proven brightening agents and soothing herbal extracts which brighten as well as moisturizes your skin. It is not simply a standard lightening cream but fantastically balanced skin bleaching cream as it maintains long-term radiance and even facial skin tone. The Epibright reformulation emphasizes mainly on keeping the skin moisturized and strong and not dry and vulnerable to many other brightening skin care products.

It contains kojic dipalmitate which works with the other organic brightening ingredients to brighten skin and then lock that fresh look for years to come. Mulberry and Bearberry extract work with the kojic dipalmitate to reduce skin discolorations and dark spots. All its ingredients work together to give a clear and even tone for a youthful look which you can maintain and look radiant for years.

Epibright Skin Brightening Cream Features

  • It is a safe, natural and effective bleaching cream
  • It contains powerful lightening ingredients and healing herbal elements to keep skin moisturized and healthy.
  • It works well on all skin types for skin pigmentation or original skin color
  • It is extremely effective for creating smooth skin tones
  • It works best to remove dark spots and rejuvenate facial skin.
  • It is completely safe for long-term use.
  • It contains no Hydroquinone and no harsh chemicals
  • One Container contains 50 ml/ 1.7 fl oz content.
  • It comes with 60 Day – 100% money back Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the United States

Epibright Skin Whitener Ingredients

The ingredients in Epibright Skin Brightening Cream work together to help you achieve your desired skin tone and maintain for years. Its magnificent blend of natural ingredients and active lightening agents makes Epibright stands above the crowd in skin brightening cream products. The main skin lightening agents in Epibright are kojic acid and alpha-arbutin. These ingredients are very important in any skin lightening process. Let’s have a look at some of its important ingredients

  • Alpha Arbutin – This ingredient considerably minimizes the element tyrosinase which is responsible for melanin production in the body, leading to dark spots and skin irregularities. This updated form of arbutin in Epibright offers better stability and efficacy. This active ingredient acts way more efficiently leading to a diminishing of age spots, and a reduction in the degree of skin darkening after UV exposure.
  • Kojic acid – It is one of the latest discovery as a remedy for the treatment of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Kojic acid got approval for cosmetic use in 1989 as it has a similar effect to hydroquinone but without the risk of side effects like excessive burning or skin irritation. Studies show that Kojic acid is extremely effective as a lightening agent when used in conjunction with certain elements. Moreover, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties that further help protect new, luminous facial skin.
  • Mulberry and Bearberry extracts – These ingredients work in harmony with alpha-arbutin to further reduce the tyrosinase production.
  • Melissa officinalis balm and licorice extracts – These herbal extracts provide a soothing and moisturizing effect while reducing the risk of irritation.

The most outstanding feature of Epibright is the lasting lightening effects that the cream has when compared with other products. The secret behind the extended skin brightening is the inclusion of kojic dipalmitate. This wonderful agent extremely adheres to facial skin for an extended period of time allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and lighten the darkened skin. The result is beautiful, vibrant facial skin that stays full of life and shines for years.

Epibright Skin Whitener How To Use?

Always apply this product on the recently washed and gently dried skin for maximum benefit. The recommended application is to gently rub the cream on the areas meant for treatment with fingers/ hands until fully absorbed. After proper application and absorption of Epibright, you should apply a sunblock cream and any daily moisturizing cream of your choice.

You should know that Epibright is safe to use as a daily skin brightening cream for as long as you would like to apply. In other words, it is safe to use daily for long-term or your desired period. However, always use a sun block/ sun screen product of at least 15 SPF while using Epibright.

Epibright Skin Whitener Side Effects

There are no known serious side effects related to this product. It is an organic product containing active ingredients used in skin creams for decades. As with any skin lightening product, certain risks associated with exposure to the sun comes along. Hence, make sure you use a sun block product of at least 15 SPF when using Epibright.

Also, when starting to use any skin bleaching cream including Epibright; it is important to test on small area to see how your skin will react to beginning full treatment. This cream contains a wonderful combination of very powerful lightening ingredients which are effective and causes no side effects. Also, it contains gentle organic extracts that soothe and reduces any irritation that may occur early in treatment.

Epibright Skin Lightening Cream Warnings

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using Epibright and all other lightening creams

  • Keep all dispensers of Epibright stored in a cool, dark place with no direct sunlight.
  • Keep it away from eyes. If it gets in, wash it thoroughly until stinging sensation disappears.

Epibright Skin Whitener Where to Buy?

The best place to buy Epibright is from its official website www.epibright.com. This is because you can buy it only online from its official website or other online marketplaces and in-store purchase is not available. Buying Epibright directly from epibright.com is beneficial to you for many reasons

  • Fast shipping
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Assurance of buying a genuine cream

Best prices at best discounts

  • 1 Month Supply – 1 Bottle – Price: $39.95
  • 3 Month Supply – BOGO offer (Buy 2, Get 1 Free) – Price: $79.90
  • 5 Month Supply – Buy 3, Get 2 Free – Price: $119.85

Epibright Skin Brightening Cream Reviews

There are many happy users especially women who highly appreciates the Epibright results. Many of these women had used other skin lightening creams in the past but were of no help. But they admire Epibright saying that it contains proven ingredients that work and comes with a money back guarantee. Check out Epibright Skin Brightening Cream Reviews here.

  • Elise was looking for such a product since years and finally found Epibright that actually works. She says it is very easy to use, absorbs quickly and will order it again and again.
  • Michelle says it works better than anything else. She could see a difference within a few days of use.
  • Jaye skin really got improved. Epibright reduced the scars which were there for a long time. She says the plus point is it doesn’t smell or feel harsh on the skin.
  • Tanya is using it for about two weeks now and can see a lot of improvement. She has really bad scars which may take some time to go away, but have faded. She is extremely satisfied with the present results.

Epibright Skin Whitener FAQs

In what time can I see results?

Daily use of this cream as directed may show initial results within 2 weeks of use. Skin condition, natural pigmentation and darkness of complexion will make result times vary, depending on person to person.

How long will the 1.5 oz dispenser of Epibright last?

The container will dispense exactly 1 milliliter per pump, which is sufficient for a single application in 2 affected areas. Each bottle should last up to 2 months if the treatment area is small and 1 month for the treatment of larger areas of skin.

Will this product cause my skin to break out or peel off?

In the first application of any quality skin lightening cream, it may be possible that people with tender skin could experience some light peeling or a minor blemish or two. Rest assures that this is absolutely normal and you should not discourage treatment. However, if the condition persists for more than a week, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

I have a very dark complexion? Will it work?

Yes. This product is designed to work with all skin types, skin tones of all pigmentations and natural skin colors. However, people with darker skin tones are expected to continue treatment for slightly longer periods of time to achieve desired results.

Can I use Epibright while using my other existing creams?

Although using other existing creams after applying Epibright is perfectly fine. But do not directly mix Epibright cream with any of your other facial creams. Instead, you can use a daily moisturizer or another skin cream after applying Epibright and allowing the cream to fully absorb.

Can I use this product on the body part other than face?

Yes. Epibright is intended for use on the hands and from the neck up, however, there is no harm in using it on other areas of the body. However, keep it away from eyes or mouth.

If I don’t like the product, can I return?

Yes, it comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the results, you can return the remaining product and package back within 60 days of the purchase date for full refund (less shipping charges).

Epibright Skin Bleaching Cream Conclusion

Epibright is a skin brightening cream which helps you to bring back the beauty and radiance of your young days. It successfully addresses hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne, and more. If you are looking for a safe and effective alternative for even skin tone than buying Epibright today to revitalize & refresh your skin!

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