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Don’t Touch These Seven Foods If You Want To Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight? Stay focused and don’t even crave for these foods as it can hinder weight loss.

Carb foods: Consuming high amount of carbohydrates will lead to high insulin levels, increased appetite. Low blood sugar levels can trigger sugar cravings that leads to hypoglycemia which is caused by high insulin levels.

Frozen meals: Frozen dinners come with high amount of sodium. It is a natural preservative and is used to extend the ingredients’ life in the freezer. High sodium in your body will retain water that will bloat your body even if you have lost good weight.


High fiber snacks: There are many brands in the market that come with whole day’s fibre crammed to one serving. This is not good for the body and will only lead to upset stomach. You can instead opt for fibre rich veggie or fruit in a meal that will keep your digestive system maintain a daily routine.

Low fat foods: Don’t blindly believe the ads that claim ‘low fat’. For instance, yogurt, muffins that can be a challenge to those who are trying to cut down their weight. As many dieters feel that these foods are low in fat, they tend to eat more and end up gaining more weight than before. This is because they add sugar content which can induce cravings.

Colas and other sweetened drinks: If you are trying to cut down your weight, then, no….don’t even go for diet colas. Sure, they look tempting enough to gulp it down, but it can ultimately lead to sugar cravings. You can always go for sparkling water or seltzer which is the best alternative. They are absolutely calorie free and will also make you feel full without making you crave for any sweets.

Alcohol: If you seriously want to lose weight, then stay away from alcohol. It is not the best option when it comes to shedding that extra fat simply because it contains no calories or nutrients but still consuming it can make you eat more than necessary. The underlying reason is because alcohol puts pressure on the liver to throw the toxins present in alcohol. This not only makes the body resistant to weight loss but also adds to your cravings.

Cereal: Many brands sell cereal in value size boxes that make people forget to take daily measuring of servings. This will make them tend to eat more and end up overweight. Research shows that there are more than 22% of people who consume cereal from larger packs leaving them obese.

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