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Does Brown Rice help lose weight?

Food is all about energy. Everything today seems to be revolving around energy. Think about food in general and its needed to give you the energy through out the day. But if you consume food without burning them then you are prone to store that energy in the form of fat, to be used later when you really need it. The problem here is that we are already full of fat and we are storing more of it.

What we need is food that will burn slowly and will burn it as per our energy needs. Brown rice seems to do the trick. Brown rice is Low energy Slow digesting food. High in fiber and low in carbs. White rice on the contrary is low in fiber and high in carbs. Women consuming white rice is prone to increase weight over the period of six years as opposed to those who consume brown rice. It may look like a long time, 6 years, but then you cannot lose weight all of a sudden and takes a lot of effort to shed those extra pounds. But on the contrary you don’t even realize when you gain and the slow pace in which you gain weight is clearly not noticeable.

Lifestyle changes though small can make significant effects on your body. A small change of eating a piece of sugar cube every morning can make you fat while adding half a cup of beans to your diet can make you healthier and thinner over a period of time. These changes are small , hardly noticeable to you but over a period of time , these changes will gape at you wide eyed.

Brown rice is a small addition or a replacement to your existing choice of rice varieties. The added starch and fiber will help you be fuller for a longer period oif time and not make you feel hungry all the time. Brown rice is clearly a winner when it comes to weight loss and general health.

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