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Childhood Obesity – 6 Things A Parent Can Do

Are you a worried parent whose kid is overweight? Then here are some of the solutions for you. With the quick to follow tips, your kid will be in proper health not to mention having the right self-confidence which he was lacking earlier.

Childhood obesity is not a disease but a condition that can be solved but with utmost patience and perseverance. Obesity occurs when a child is above the normal weight according to his age/height. The reason why childhood obesity can be detrimental is because kids are exposed to adult health problems at a very early age such as diabetes, blood pressure levels, cholesterol and many more. Sadly, childhood obesity can also lead to depression or poor self esteem especially in social surroundings such as school, park etc.

What kids need?

Your child needs your and the entire family’s support in keeping his spirits up. So make sure you talk to him/her about the difference between healthy and obese. Lifestyle issues are one of the common factors that trigger fats to accumulate in the body so make sure your child follows a healthy lifestyle.

I do understand the fact that genetic factors or sometimes even hormonal disorders can make a child overweight, but they are very rare and uncommon.

If your child does not follow any of the below, then take immediate steps to recover:

  • Lack of proper diet – skipping breakfast or overeating at unusual times
  • No exercise – watching tv, playing video games etc. are not exercise and contribute to weight gain
  • Family history – if the child comes from a family of overweight people, chances are she/he tends to be overweight as calorie foods are readily available for them
  • Psychological factors – having trouble focusing, bullied at school, emotional stress etc.

There are many other factors too such as eating frozen foods, salt induced foods etc. that retains water and makes a person look bloated up. Ignoring these things can put a child to severe depression, diseases, behavioral or learning problems and many more.

Healthy tips to tackle childhood obesity:

While you are taking your child to pediatrician for checkup, here are some of the things that you can do to keep your child healthy, happy and safe.

  • Cut off cookies/crackers from the grocery list and use healthy snacks such as fruits/vegetables.
  • Sweetened beverages do no good and contain high amount of sugar with less fruit content. Make a smoothie or natural juice at home and serve the kids with good home meal.
  • A family dinner with the entire family can lift anyone’s mood. So encourage your child to sit with the family. Do not let them sit in front of television and munch on their meal.
  • Kids learn from you, so make sure you don’t opt for high menus from fast food restaurants. The main reason because these foods are high in fat and contain lot of calories that can prove dangerous for your child.
  • Kids don’t need the same quantity of food that you eat. So limit the portion and let them eat until they are full even if there is food on the plate.
  • Encourage them to go outdoor and play. It is one of the best workouts for them that will strengthen their bones, their overall health, thus building a normal childhood for them. You can even motivate them for hobbies such as gardening which will give them a sense of patience, achievement and overall learning ability regarding Mother Nature.

There are many parents who let their children play with their mobile phones, encourage them for computer games etc. I don’t mind as long as it’s limited to 30-60 minutes. Never teach your kids addiction as it will backfire at the end of the day. Instead motivate them to develop a habit that can be useful in the long run such as reading books, hiking, swimming etc.

Lastly, childhood obesity can be fought by kids but only with our support. So do not back out and move with persistence to bring out the best for your child’s future.

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