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Black Beans – The Ultimate Weight loss Super Food

Time and again we avoid the basics. Black Beans and legumes in general are looked at with contempt for its ability to create embarrassment in public in the form of fart or flatulence. But the benefits are overlooked time and again. Black beans is one of the few legumes which has the ability to stop many conditions including type 2 diabetes. But what is interesting is its effect on weight loss. Legumes and specially Black beans has 15% of indigestible content. The indigestible content plus the fiber will leave you feeling a lot fuller than usual. What more? Black beans increases your ability to digest normal foods normally!

When you are consuming carbohydrates, The process of digestion is often faster. The digestion of Fat too is considerably different. With the addition of Black beans to your diet, there is a stable digestion process of all the other foods which you consume.  This means that the Sugar consumption is normalized in your body and so is the oily and fatty food which is digested by your body.

The effect of slow digestion will leave you Less hungry. With no hunger there is no need for intake of food which will reduce fat in the body. Its that simple when you look at the not so scientific part. But when you introduce the science into it, there are a lot of things which is of interest. The fact that the major part of the indigestible factor on the black beans is settled in the small intestine, they enable the production of gastric juice which enables digestion. This makes a healthy digestion process in general. The steady pace of digestion and the entire system is beneficial for the overall health

Did you know Brazil is one of the biggest producers of black beans and its recommended that you have at least one serving of black beans or legumes per day in your diet. The US food department recommends the consumption of ½ cup of black beans to be included in the daily diet or at least 3 cups per week. With just a small change in your diet by adding black beans to your diet, think of all the advantages you could be in. Weight loss and a better body.

Simple black bean boiled with salt is all that you need to add. Throw some chopped onions and Tomatoes with some pepper and you have a tasty yet nourishing and nutritious snack and its going to cut that flab on your sides … Faster than you know.

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