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8 Ways To Tackle Teenage Obesity – What Parents & Teens Can Learn

Obesity is one of the most contributing factors that have hit United States especially during the recent years. Though a few pounds do not mean obesity or overweight, it is however an indicator that one needs to cut back on detrimental foods that can cause obesity.

For parents it is a matter of concern for their child. On the other hand, teenagers have to deal with bullying or feeling shy to socialize etc. that can hinder their self confidence and put them on emotional spin.


  • More than $100 billion is the annual cost to society for treating obesity
  • More than 300,000 deaths a year are due to unhealthy weight gain
  • 18% of the teenagers from the age 12 to 19 are obese which is three times what was calculated during the year 1980

Tackling teenage obesity:

Though genetic factors can be considered, one cannot ignore that an unhealthy lifestyle leads to overweight problems. If you are a parent and your kid is going through:

  • Lack of proper eating habits
  • Tend to overeat
  • Doesn’t exercise
  • Low self-esteem due to bullying at college
  • Going through depression or other emotional issues
  • Feels stressed
  • Is taking medications or steroids for some health issues

Then, obesity is a factor that needs to be considered as it can lead to health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and many more.

Healthy weight loss tips:

Take control now and first and foremost, talk to your kid. Show him/her the positive sides of losing weight for instance, great confidence, positive thoughts, unbeatable energy and many more. If you are a teenager, make an initiative to change yourself now before it’s too late.

These healthy tips can aid weight loss to a great extent without any side effects or medications.

  • Initiate a weight management program
  • Change your eating habits for good
  • Chewing slowly is one of the best ways to eat less and still feel full
  • Make better choices in foods and get rid of junk, sugar, fast foods from your refrigerator and incorporate veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, legumes etc.
  • Physical activity is a must so make sure you walk, cycle your way home from college OR take some time off for exercise
  • Spend some time alone and motivate yourself for betterment (don’t carry a mobile or ipod…that’s a strict no-no)
  • Sit with your family and have a healthy meal instead of gobbling down in front of computer/television
  • Join a Support group such as Over eaters Anonymous

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